Custom equipment

Painting of equipment in any color according to the customer's request

The purpose of our company is to simplify and accelerate the handling of products and goods in your company.

Custom equipment
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The organization of space in your warehouse and the specifics of the loading/unloading processes can be such that standard STL equipment is not suitable for solving emerging problems. In this case, we can develop and manufacture warehouse equipment according to individual parameters – the technical task of the customer.

The experience of our design Department and the capabilities of the production line allow us to create equipment of the desired size, to equip it with additional functional elements and security systems.

If necessary, our specialists or STL partners in the regions of Russia can go to the measurements of the parameters of the premises and technological pits for equipment.

Terms of development and production:

Development of an individual project From 1 week to 1 month
Production dock-leveler From 1 week

Get acquainted with our experience in the production of non-standard equipment according to the parameters of the customer.

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