Krasnokamsk RMP has produced a parcel of dock levelers for Kazakhstan

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Krasnokamsk RMP has produced a parcel of dock levelers for Kazakhstan
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5 February 2015

Dock-levelers are platforms that compensate for the difference in height between the floor of the warehouse and trucks. Thus, the use of KRMP equipment will provide free, accurate, fast and safe access to the goods.

The customer was the dealer of Krasnokamsk RMP in Kazakhstan, the company «Gate yard», which will supply and install the platforms at the construction site – the warehouse of the logistics company «East port».

«This is not the first order from Kazakhstan and one of the largest», — said the Director of Krasnokamsk RMP Dmitry Teplov. — «I note that Kazakhstan has recently shown increased interest in the platforms. The reason is that in the conditions of crisis and widespread price increase, our products are not inferior to Western analogues, becoming more competitive».

Krasnokamsk RMP is the only manufacturer of electro-hydraulic dock levelers in the Urals. Platforms under the STL brand are manufactured on modern European equipment with the use of Italian components (hydraulic cylinders, hydroelectric power stations, etc.) and taking into account all safety requirements in Russia.

The company «Gate yard» from Ust-Kamenogorsk is one of the largest companies in Kazakhstan, specializing in the installation of automatic gates for both residential and commercial and warehouse facilities.

You can find the entire line of dock-levelers produced at the enterprise on the website.