Brewery «Vyatich», Kirov

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«Vyatich» – one of the oldest Breweries in Russia, founded in 1903 by the legendary Bavarian brewer Carl Otto Schneider, supplier of the Court Of his Imperial Majesty. Today, the brewery produces a wide range of unpasteurized beer – 27 varieties, sweet carbonated drinks, natural mineralized water «Living gift» and the famous «Vyatka» kvass.

The peculiarity of this order is that the height of the floor level of the warehouse was too small to install a standard dock-leveler. The level of the warehouse floor was 400 mm. Krasnokamsk RMP manufactured and installed a leveling platform with a length of 5.5 meters according to an individual design project. The difference from the standard platforms was in the dimensions of the product-increased the number of lifting cylinders, the power of the hydroelectric station, as well as the volume of the oil tank. The equipment was put into operation in 2015.

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Customer:  JSC «Vyatich»