Poultry complex «AK bars», Kazan

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LLC «Poultry complex «Ak Bars» and JSC «Poultry Farm «Kazan» form the poultry unit of the Holding company «Ak Bars», the products of which are sold by the specialized trade enterprise LLC «Pestrechinka». A wide product range of the company includes more than one hundred kinds of chicken products: sausages cooked and smoked poultry, smoked products, ham, hot dogs, rolls of chicken, char-grilled chickens, etc. including always available and meat products poultry, prepared in strict compliance with the norms of «Halyal».

Supply oblique gateway-tambours at an angle of 45 degrees complete with dock-levelers STL 2025 with a turning ramp with a lifting capacity of 6000 kg, dock-shelters, guides for the wheels and hard rubber bumpers. Installation and commissioning works were carried out. The equipment was put into operation in 2015.

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Customer:  LLC «PC «Ak Bars»
Website:  www.lfpvk.ru