Shipment equipment

The STL dock-levelers with rotating ramp are specialized hydraulic equipment that compensates for the height difference between the warehouse floor and the vehicle body. The operator controls the platform using a remote control.


The telescopic mechanism regulates the extension of the ramp and precisely positions it on the truck body.


The dock-shelter foldable, curtain – a device for sealing the space between a truck and storage space.


Mini dock-levelers – a compact mechanical leveler platforms with height of the ramp +/-100 mm.


Folding shipment bridges are mechanical platforms that compensate for the height difference for the free access of forklifts inside the truck or railway car. Folding bridges are used when there is no possibility to Park close to the ramp or to bring electricity.


Prefabricated metal structure, taken out of the warehouse. Transshipment tambours save warehouse space and protect cargo from temperature changes.


Bump to reduce the load on the ramp and protect structures from damage. Wheel guides that increase the efficiency and safety of loading/unloading.


Dock-levelers are specialized hydraulic equipment that compensates the difference in height between the warehouse floor and the vehicle body.

Thanks to dock-leveler you can safely and quickly unload/load trucks. The warehouse loader can freely drive into the truck on the platform - this greatly reduces the time of work in the warehouse.

STL dock-levelers are an efficient warehouse, time saving and safety.

STL dock-leveler platforms package

  • STL dock-levelers are equipped with hydraulic equipment of European manufacturers.
  • Standard dock-levelers we complete with one main lifting cylinder and one ramp control cylinder. This reduces the number of elements in the hydraulic circuit and increases the reliability of the product.
  • Longer leveling platforms are equipped with two main cylinders for lifting.
  • The upper sheet of the platform is made of steel sheet with lenticular corrugation thickness of 6-8 mm and has stiffening ribs, which allows to withstand loads up to 6-12 tons. The thickness of the ramp is 10-16 mm.
  • STL leveling platforms are equipped with safety shutters with reflective elements, they have a control panel and a cable for connecting the network.

We can produce dock-leveles of the right size to solve the problems of loading / unloading in your warehouse.

We are also ready to deliver the platform to the site, install and provide service, warranty and post-warranty repair.

STL dock levelers with rotary ramp

STL dock levelers with sliding telescopic ramp

How STL dock-levelers works?

STL dock-levelers can be controlled using the remote control.

  1. To prepare for work, you need to raise the platform to the top position and push the ramp to the desired distance on the telescopic platform. On a platform with a rotary ramp, the ramp will be opened automatically.
  2. Dock-leveler smoothly falls on the car body and the platform is ready to operate.
  3. After loading/unloading, you need to lift the platform again, push the telescopic ramp on the telescopic platform. On the platform with a rotary ramp, the ramp will be closed automatically - the platform will fall into the parking position.