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Folding bridges
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Folding shipment bridges are mechanical platforms that compensate for the height difference for the free access of forklifts inside the truck or railway car. Folding bridges are used when there is no possibility to Park close to the ramp or to bring electricity.

The folding bridge is installed on an open ramp or ramp, with the help of a side handle it leans in a horizontal position and lies on the car body or the edge of the car. The transfer bridge is easy to mount at the right place.

The STL folding bridges can be either fixed or sliding.

STL folding bridges are reliable, easy to use and efficient to load in difficult conditions.

Folding shipment bridges

Technical specifications
Length, mm
1000, 1500
Width, mm
1500, 1800, 2000, 2200
Operating temperature, C -30…+40
Load capacity, kg 4000
Working height range, mm -130/170….+130/170
Blue RAL 5010 (other color according to customer's request)
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