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The dock-shelter foldable, curtain – a device for sealing the space between a truck and storage space.

Dock-shelter is a frame on which side and front curtains of special PVC are mounted. When parking the car, they come into contact with the body and protect the warehouse from rain, wind, cold, drafts, and also keep a constant temperature in the warehouse, which is especially important for food warehouses.

The frame of the STL dock-shelters is made of a steel profile with a thickness of 3 mm, it has a rigid collapsible design. This frame does not require pre-Assembly before installation on the wall of the opening, it can be mounted directly on the wall.

STL dock-shelters are a constant temperature in the warehouse, reliability and ease of installation.


Technical specifications
Height, mm 3000, 3200, 3400, 4400
Width, mm 3000, 3200, 3400
Depth, mm 650
Operating temperature range, C -40…+50
Frame material steel 3 GOST 380-2005
The front curtains Reinforced (double layered)
PVC – thickness 3 mm
Density 3.6 kg / m2
Color black
Side awnings PVC (tent material, type 1 M)
Density-0.8 kg / m2
Color black

How to choose the right dock-shelter?

To determine the size of the dock-shelter for your warehouse, you need to take into account the size of the approaching machines and the height of the ramp. Between the end marks of the truck and the top of the sealer there should be a stock of 300 mm and another 200 mm on each side – to prevent damage to the frame or curtains of the dock-shelter.

We can produce the right size dock-shelters for the efficient operation of your warehouse. We will deliver the finished dock-shelters to the place, install and provide service.


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