Krasnokamsk RMP manufactured dock-levelers for the supermarket «Lenta» in Novosibirsk

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Krasnokamsk RMP manufactured dock-levelers for the supermarket «Lenta» in Novosibirsk
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14 March 2014

Krasnokamsk RMP has produced 6 dock-levelers with dock shelters for the warehouse of supermarket «Lenta» in Novosibirsk. The logistics equipment of Krasnokamsk plant will allow to automate loading and unloading processes of the supermarket warehouses without breaking the constant temperature of the food storage.

Dock-shelters — systems of sealing elements for sealing the gaps between the back of the truck, which is unloaded products, and the wall of the warehouse. They help to maintain a stable temperature inside the storage and save energy.

«The constant microclimate is especially important for the warehouses of food supermarkets, which strictly control the freshness of products on their shelves», — says Alexey Milchakov, head of marketing and sales of Krasnokamsk RMP. «Now, when large food chains are actively moving to the regions, modern logistics equipment is becoming very popular». The order for the manufacture of dock-levelers and shelters were completed during the month.

Krasnokamsk RMP is the only manufacturer of electro-hydraulic dock-levelers and shelters in the Ural region. Platforms under the STL brand are manufactured on modern European equipment with the use of Italian components (hydraulic cylinders, hydroelectric power stations, etc.) and taking into account all safety requirements in Russia. In the production of sealants on Krasnokamsk RMP used imported insulation materials.

«Lenta» is one of the largest and fastest growing retail chains in Russia, with 77 supermarkets operating throughout the country.