«Krasnokamsk RMP» started production of lifting tables under the STL brand

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«Krasnokamsk RMP» started production of lifting tables under the STL brand
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10 April 2017

Lifting tables are used in production areas or warehouses to level loads to the level of equipment or vehicles. The scope of application of hydraulic tables is quite wide. In warehouses and logistics centers they are often replaced by freight elevators. In factories, hydraulic tables are built into the production line and used as a workplace in Assembly lines.

The equipment is also used for loading and unloading, stacking of various materials in warehouses, lifting large or heavy loads to the level dictated by the production technology.

«KRMP» has developed a wide range of models, which makes the products of the plant interesting for both small warehouses and large logistics centers.

«Krasnokamsk RMP» more than 10 years produces warehouse STL equipment: manually operated dock-leveler, dock aperture (dock-shelters), gateway-tambours, etc. «Krasnokamsk RMP» is the only manufacturer of electro-hydraulic dock levelers in the Urals, the plant's products are supplied across Russia.

«In Russia, the modernization of warehouse equipment is actively going on, modern logistics centers are opening. Therefore, the demand for such equipment is growing, and we try to respond to market demands in a timely manner. «KRMP» strives to equip clients for «warehouse turnkey». Therefore, we are consistently expanding the product line», — said Dmitry Teplov, Director of Krasnokamsk RMP.