Krasnokamsk RMP will produce leveling platforms for the company «RemBytTechnika» in Chelyabinsk

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Krasnokamsk RMP will produce leveling platforms for the company «RemBytTechnika» in Chelyabinsk
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11 August 2014

Dock-levelers are platforms that compensate for the difference in height between the warehouse floor and the vehicle body. Thus, the use of KRMP equipment will provide free access of «RemBytTechnika» loaders to the product and will significantly increase the level of safety.

«Dock-levelers allow you to load and unload goods more accurately, which is especially important when working with household appliances and electronics», — says Dmitry Teplov, Director of Krasnokamsk RMP. — «In addition, the use of such logistics equipment increases the speed of loading of goods, thereby optimizing labor and time costs. Rubber bumpers and wheel guides will also be installed along with dock-levelers. The order for the production of the platforms will be completed within a month».

Krasnokamsk RMP is the only manufacturer of electro-hydraulic dock-levelers in the Ural region. Platforms under the STL brand are manufactured on modern European equipment with the use of Italian components (hydraulic cylinders, hydroelectric power stations, etc.) and taking into account all safety requirements in Russia.

You can find the entire line of dock-levelers produced at the enterprise on the website.

The RemBytTechnika company — the large supplier of household appliances and electronics in Chelyabinsk and Chelyabinsk region. The largest center for warranty and post-warranty customer service and the center for maintenance of commercial equipment are the components of the Autonomous parts of the company.