KRMP upgraded STL dock-levelers for operation in the Far North

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KRMP upgraded STL dock-levelers for operation in the Far North
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17 October 2017

«Krasnokamsk repair and mechanical plant» produced leveling platforms (dock-levelers) is heated. This allows them to operate even in the Far North.

Dock-levelers are used to compensate for the difference in the level of the warehouse floor and the floor of the truck body, they provide the work of loading equipment under a safe slope.

Electro-hydraulic dock-levelers are equipped with a built-in oil pump and hydraulic cylinders to lift the platform. At very low temperatures, the oil in the system freezes. Heating allows the equipment to be used at air temperature up to-50C.

Dock-levelers are equipped with a control panel with a screen that displays the oil temperature. In the warmer months, the heating can be turned off.

The first dock-levelers with heating were sent to the plant and to the logistics center in the Yamalo-Nenets autonomous district and Krasnoyarsk region.

«Krasnokamsk RMP» more than 10 years produces warehouse STL equipment: manually operated dock-leveler, dock aperture (dock-shelters), gateway-tambours, etc. «KRMP» easily adapts to the demands and problems of the customer. Development of technical solutions for heating dock-levelers took about two weeks. For our plant, it is actually the expansion of the market-access to the Northern part of the country. And this is an actively growing market with a high demand for warehouse equipment», — said Dmitry Teplov, Director of Krasnokamsk RMP.