Russian enterprises increased the volume of purchases of Krasnokamsk dock-levelers by 80%

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30 July 2015

Sales growth was achieved due to the increased demand for domestic equipment.

«The concept of «import substitution» is now on everyone's lips, but not every enterprise can demonstrate the specific results of its activities to saturate the market with domestic products. We have such results - the demand for modern logistics equipment is growing, and we are trying to respond to market demands in a timely manner», — said Dmitry Teplov, Director of Krasnokamsk RMP.

According to forecasts, in the coming months the sales volume of equalization platforms will continue to increase, as the construction of warehouses is completed in early autumn, and their equipment with logistics equipment begins. For manufacturers of such equipment is the «high season».

Krasnokamsk RMP is the only manufacturer of electro-hydraulic dock-levelers in the Ural region. Platforms-dock-levelers under the STL trademark are manufactured on modern European equipment with the use of Italian components (hydraulic cylinders, hydroelectric power stations, etc.) and taking into account all the safety requirements in force in Russia.

The dock-levelers provide unhindered access of the truck to the truck, thus reducing the time of loading/unloading. The use of such platforms significantly increases safety.