The terminal «Business Lines» was opened next to the «KRMP»

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The terminal «Business Lines» was opened next to the «KRMP»
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27 April 2018

Krasnokamsk became the second town of the region, where there is a terminal of «Business Lines». Before that, three branches of the transport company worked only in Perm.

The opening of the terminal in Krasnokamsk is a signal that the town is developing, its enterprises are working with companies and customers across the country. After all, manufacturers provide the bulk of the work for the transport company.

«We will be able to reduce the time and material costs associated with delivery to customers. Now, to send the goods to the client, we do not need to lead him to Perm. Terminal «Business Lines» is five minutes from the plant. This is especially important for one of the fastest growing areas of the plant — online sale of trailers «Expedition». A resident of any city in the country can choose using the Configurator and order a trailer on our website», — said Dmitry Teplov, Director of Krasnokamsky RMP.